Math Talent

Tue-Fri 10.00-19.30, Sat-Sun 8.00-19.30

About us

Math Talent by Dr.Ying History
This institute is created by our love and inspiration to make children to be good at math. We also
aspire to see our children enjoy studying math through fun games, activities and various teaching
materials. It is also included curriculums creating from researches in order to be suit children.

Our happiest of all is smiles and laughter from children during with us, as well as their better skill.
There are many children used to get lowest score in math quiz, but now they become a person who
gets highest score in class. Furthermore, there are many children who did not like to take a math quiz,
but now they really enjoy doing math quiz during their vacant time.

Thank you for smiles, appreciation and cordiality from student’s parents.
We value it as our happiness which is precious than anything else. We also really glad to see
development skill of children as intended.

Visual Math Science & Coding

Courses and teaching methods are accredited by Finland.

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